Barquillos Tanis. Premium waffle cones for everyone, everywhere

Est. 1955

Barquillos y Galletas Tanis began to make handmade wafers with the best ingredients in the area over 60 years ago, in the heart of the Pasiegos Valleys, in the village of Iruz. They perfected a recipe that continues to be passed down from generation to generation, making the products the highest quality benchmark.

With time and good work, this small bakery has become one of the leading industries in producing, selling and distributing a complete range of products for the ice cream sector in domestic and international markets.

Barquillos and Galletas Tanis has 3500 square metres of modern facilities in which high-quality controls have been implemented and constant investment in R&D are made to incorporate the latest advances of the sector and offer our clients a commitment to quality and delivery of any order under the ISO 9001 management system certification.


Barquillos y Galletas Tanis sells its wafers and biscuits in over 20 countries worldwide. Their great resistance and perfect packaging ensure that they arrive in excellent conditions to the most awarded ice cream masters worldwide.